Our construction site was part of a project started at 2004 by Fabrica Carioca de Catalisadores (FCC SA). Intermediated by the Financing Institution of Studies and Projects (FINEP), it was requested to the Competitivity and Innovation Center, a feasibility study for the implementation in the Technological Park of Santa Cruz. Brazil has a large catalysis community. Most of those groups are dedicated to lab scale studies. PROCAT is a scale-up concept for catalyst production with a complete infrastructure to manufacture any type of heterogeneous catalysts. Our typical production capacity is one metric ton/day of final product.

From there, the work gained the reinforcement of CENPES-PETROBRAS and the Chemistry School of UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DO RIO DE JANEIRO (UFRJ), that gave us the ideas for our technological complex.


Our main focus is research with technological emphasis. However, inside a scope of technical collaboration, it is foreseen the offering of services, such as manufacturing on demand for initial industrial tests and partnerships with other institutions.


We have a manufacturing hangar built in metallic and malleable base. Our structure also has a green roof (plants), to enhance termal comfort and acoustics inside the building. Beyond that, we implemented a system for the reuse of rain water.


Professor Donato Aranda

Donato Aranda is a chemical engineer with 20 years of experience as a professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering of UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro). With great know-how in the field of technological transfer, has many patents applied in the industrial sector. By his contributions in the field of biofuel, he was awarded by the ex-president Lula the National Order of Scientific Merit (Commendator), the biggest honor granted to Brazilian scientists.