With over 2000m² of built area, we possess a unique structure in Brazil for the development of catalysts. Therefore, we are able to produce in different categories, up to 1 metric ton of catalysts a day. Among the options we can highlight catalysts for:

  • Cracking:
  • Remodeling;
  • Sulfur  removal;
  • Biofuel;
  • Petrochemicals;

Another important deferential is our ability to create personalized solutions for different segments. This way, we offer your company a high quality and performance product.

This is only possible due to a team with great experience both in the academic and corporate field. The combining of these professionals led to a number of innovative possibilities, always with excellent results.

After all, our mission is to create a true research bridge between the university and the industry, creating a positive effects for Science and Technology in Brazil.


Our last generation equipments are prepared to accomplish a number of unitary operations and chemical conversions utilized in the productive processes. Such as:

  • Spray Dryer:
    • Rotational.
    • Per Nozzle “Fontain”.
  • Grinding System.
  • Reaction Systems:
    • Atmospheric Reactors in sizes 20 L (3 units), 100 L (3 units), 500 L (2 units), 1000 L (1 unit).
    • Pressurized Autoclave Reactors in sizes 300 ml (10 units), 1 L (3 units), 5 L (2 units), 20 L (1 unit), 200 L (1 unit).
  • Conformation Area:
    • Extrusional.
    • Coater.
  • Calcinators:
    • Statics up to 1200 °C.
    • Rotational up to 1000 °C.
  • Multiple Mixers.
  • Filtration Area:
    • Centrifuges.
    • Vacuum Filters up tp 200kg.
  • Utilities:
    • Steam.
    • Termal oil and natural gas heater.
    • Gas washer.
    • Diesel generator.
    • Chiller.
    • Tanks for effluents.

We also have two labs equipped with the most modern equipments for the studies of  scaled synthesis gain, conformation, post treatments, catalysts characterization and element analysis.